Tuesday, June 23, 2015

TpT Seller Challenge Week 2 - Dare to Dream

     I have been sitting here thinking about my "DREAMS" and realized how GREAT this challenge truly is. It is so great to be forced to write and publicly think of your dreams. I have so many dreams but I hesitate to share them for fear of ridicule or failure. But here we go: 

    My husband and I are a young couple. We have done a lot for our little family but we work hard. We have had to jump around for (tiny salary) jobs and are finally feeling a bit settled. We saved up money and bought our first house, which we feel very proud of. We have 2 littles: Penny(3) and Trygve(1) which keeps us busy and broke! We currently pay more for daycare than we do for our mortgage! However, we love that they are in a safe, nurturing, educational home. 

   TpT has been a sweet little BOOST of income even though it is nothing to pay bills with yet, but it does help us have a little extra fun! ;) 

    1. My dream for TPT would be to Grow as a seller
 - making my life and other teachers' lives easier in the classroom.  

    2.  My dream is to be able to Provide  more for my kids. I would love to be able to put them in multiple activities, save for the future, and take family friendly vacations -- basically just live comfortably. 

   3. My husband and I are dreaming of stability but if we are dreaming BIG -- We want to Move to Washington state! We love Northern Washington! 

   4. We also would love to Buy a boat!

   5. Dream HUGE -- I would love to Buy my parents a lake home on our childhood lot. 


I would love to continue teaching. I have no dreams of staying home as I know I personally that is not the best choice for me now. I would love to move into a coaching/intervention position when I have a few more years of experience and education under my belt. 

We'll se how these dreams pan out! I have loved reading about everyone's dreams!


  1. Hey Molly!
    For some reason I love that you mentioned that your goal isn't to stay home. Also, that would be so COOL to buy your parents a house on the lake. Our parents do so much for us, it's only natural to want to do for them too! :) Thanks for sharing your dreams! :)
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  2. I have always wanted a house on a lake to spend the summers on! Great goals! I hope that you achieve them all!
    Primary Planet!

  3. Oh Wow!! Such fabulous goals - especially moving to Washington, that will be amazing!! Such a beautiful place!! And so generous of you to want to be able to buy your parents a lake home - sounds amazing!! You have fabulous goals and wishing you all the success for your TpT store to be able to achieve them :)

  4. Hi Molly!
    You are so right. Our dreams are such a private thing to write about. I didn't realize that until I wrote mine and read others. But it has been great getting to know others in that way.

    Made with Love