Sunday, November 29, 2015

Top 10 TPT Products in MY classroom

I work with some people who are anti Teachers Pay Teachers. I cannot quite figure it out. Their reasoning is “Why can’t teachers just SHARE? It’s hard enough for teachers the way it is. Why can’t it all be free?”

Then I always wonder “Why won’t Lakeshore give me free things?” or “Why won’t Barnes and Noble give me ALL the books for free?” ... A ridiculous thought! TPT has its own place too and deserves respect!

The funny thing is, they all have TPT resources in their file cabinets or on their desktops...

Anyway, Teachers Pay Teachers ROCKS!
It has totally CHANGED my classroom and my teaching. I feel so intentful about matching Kindergarten with fun, playful, hands-on activities, which rigorously meet the common core expectations. 

As a seller myself, I am so aware of the standards and how to make the most out of a resource.

I wanted to share with you my TOP 10 TPT resources I could not teach without in my classroom. Caution: many of them are my own which I feel enhance my independent groups tremendously!

I cannot say enough about these! The word cards are awesome and aesthetically adorable! But there is a lot of great labeling, story writing, and list writing activities. Perfect for beginning writers!

Look how cute the cards look!

I was SO excited when I purchased this bundle during a site wide sale! It is totally worth it and JAMMED PACK with awesome printables! Perfect for independent work. 

A year ago, I felt my reading was strong and math needed a MAJOR boost. I created these stations to help make purposeful and REPEATABLE games and activities to bring out during my math rotations. 

I love using these printables to help students with phonics! The progression is SO wonderful and can be used with all of my reading groups at different points throughout the year! 

Again, I was so happy when I purchased these as well. These are wonderful resources for a writing station. So many great prompts for sentence writing. Very appropriate for a Kindergarten level - and SO CUTE! 

We've all seen these labels. They are beautifully all over Pinterest! I feel so CUTE and ORGANIZED having these labels in my classroom. They keep my classroom library organized and purposeful for student access!  

I send out a Monthly Homework Calendar each month and have parents initial the days. This eliminates me from sending wasted paper worksheets home. I promote it highly with students and parents and get an awesome turn out!

I love doing Writer's Workshop in KDG. They really can do it and become excellent writers. For a few years, I was pulling resources and KIND of getting results I wanted. I then sat down and created resources that aligned with Lucy Calkins ideas and complied them together. I LOVE using these!

There are many monthly/themed journals on TPT. These are mine. I see lots of great sellers with awesome ones too. I love using monthly journals to build writing and fine motor skills. They also hit many science and social studies standards!

I am not the most organized person with all of my ideas spilling around in my brain. BUT THIS YEAR... I AM AWESOME! All thanks to this wonderful planning binder! It is SO SO SO helpful. 

These are my Top 10 bigger items that I have and use regularly. There are so many other freebies, clip-arts, fonts, and units from other sellers that I love too!

Please leave comments with YOUR favorites!

Happy Shopping with the TPT Cyber Smile Sale!