Monday, December 29, 2014

Not-So Silent Night Christmas Card

Not a Kindergarten post but I wanted to share our hilariously sad Christmas card this year...

As parents of a spirited 2 year old and a teething baby, we deal with our fair share of tantrums, crying, and not-so silent nights. :) Wouldn't change it for the world though! Feel free to also use this idea for your family who has not-so silent nights. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Milk Carton Gingerbread Houses

I love to read gingerbread books and make Gingerbread houses with my Kinders during the holiday season. Many people give me a face when I tell them I plan to do 
Gingerbread houses. It's not as scary as people say it is! 

Here is how I ensure a relatively easygoing process:

1.       Ask for help!
I ask families to donate graham crackers, frosting, and candy – I also ask for volunteers for the actual creation day. 

2.    Milk Cartons
 Save and reuse milk cartons. Rinse them out and dry overnight. I use tacky glue to close the carton and clothespins to hold it shut over night. You could also staple! J
3.    Ice Cream Buckets
I ask families to bring an ice cream bucket to make sure the students get their creation home safely.
4.    Aluminum Foil
I line the lid of the bucket with aluminum foil to hold their frosting messes. J I then glue the milk carton in the center of the foil.
5.     Graham Crackers
Cut apart the graham crackers. I use 4 squares, 2 rectangle halves, and two triangles.
-      use a plastic knife to carve an edge between and then break apart with your own hands. If you try to saw the whole thing, it will usually crumble and break.

Set all of these things inside the ice cream bucket.

With all these steps I’m starting to sound insane
Again, get someone to help! I wasn’t able to rally enough volunteers this year, as many families are busy, so I put my own family to work. Glad to have a supportive husband!

I then set out the candy in bowls. The students begin by frosting their milk carton and adding their graham crackers. In small groups I have students bring up their actual bucket part of the ice cream bucket and have them fill it with candy they want to snack on or use in their creation.

The students can use plastic knives or Popsicle sticks for spreaders. I have students share tubs of frosting. Encourage the students to cover all parts of the milk carton with frosting to create a more authentic look. 

We love our Gingerbread Houses! Simply place bucket on TOP of the lid for the bus ride home. Carry the upside down buckets with two hands -- for extra caution: tape the lid!