Saturday, September 26, 2015

Apple Week Ideas

Happy Johnny Appleseed Day!
We had a great time this week with our apple theme. I wanted to share some of my favorite apple ideas today! Apples are a great theme in September because you can incorporate reading, math, writing, art, science, and social studies.

In Writer's Workshop we are just starting to discuss the importance and roles of labels. We introduced the concept of labeling by labeling the parts of an apple as a whole group. The students then labeled an apple on their own recording sheet. The page I used was from Kindergarten Smiles Apple Unit (which I LOVE). We used many of her reading and math games as well at stations!

My favorite is probably the apple taste test where the students taste and describe each different colored apple. 

We then enjoy our apples for snack. This year we enjoyed apple cider too! I got the cider decently priced at ALDI.

We created sweet "Happy Apples" to practice simple direction following and to create a craft for our Kindergarten Memory Book. I love how they turned out! Click on the picture to get the template! 

We ended the day by watching Disney's Johnny Appleseed! Always wish there was more time. Can never seem to fit it all in. Hope you had a great Apple Week as well.  What are your favorite apple activities? Leave a comment below! :) 

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  1. There's a Disney Johnny Appleseed? I will have to check into that!! I started apple week this week, but due to feeling sick and Thursday being what I call "warm body day" (all I was in that room was a warm body, not really fit to TEACH), and staying home Friday, we'll continue our apple week into next week.