Sunday, November 16, 2014

Clip Art Adventure!

Happy Sunday!

It has been a quiet, cozy day at my house! Trygve is napping in his swing and Penny is napping in my bed. There is a lot of natural, bright light coming in from outside. We have a roast in the crockpot… Life is calm, life is good!

On this quiet afternoon, I have been working on creating some Clip Art – for the first time! I have always been a little bit of an artist, because of my artist dad, but I have never created anything digitally!

I used PowerPoint to create the shapes and Sketchbook to add color. Here is a cute little Turkey in honor of Thanksgiving approaching.

I have also created some cute little friends to use in some of my own products. You can grab them in my TpT store.

I hope to get more out soon – and obviously improve the quality. Watch out for a Christmas set hopefully coming soon! J


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