Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kindergarten Writing Center

I am so excited to share my writing center with you today!

I only have 3 real bulletin boards in my room and I devote one entirely to my writing station.

This summer I finally laminated and printed The Teacher Wife’s What Do Writer’s Write pencil inspired by The First Grade Parade.

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The Teacher Wife

I also knew I wanted to make a writing rubric for my students to reference.

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Writing Rubric:

I LOVE using Mrs. Will’s monthly writing stations. The cards are perfect and the students love using them! The prompts are a huge life saver! 

I use tiny clothespins (that my cute husband found for me) and attach them to stringed rope stapled to the bulletin board. I change them out monthly. Actually, I have the students change them out!

The cups are CANS (I asked families to donate some washed/label-less cans if they had any at their home). I laminated colored paper and attached it with packing tape. I store markers in the cups (you could use crayons too but you will need SHORT cans). 

What do I do at my writing station?
1. Monthly Journals
2. Notebook Writing
3. Writer's Workshop
4. Write the Room
5. Mrs. Will's Writing Prompts


I hope you have found some resources that you love! Here’s to teaching tiny hands how to write! 

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  1. is your writers workshop available on teachers pay teachers